Can I "roll back" from P3Dv5.3 to an earlier versi

David Wilkinson Guest

I accepted the upgrade from P3Dv5.2 to 5.3.  In the process I lost my scenery addon files, backups and everything!
Now I have found my most favourite scenery addon (NZNR) but it needs other libraries to be installed for it to work.
One such item is the Vector Land Class Object Libraries.  However, this will not install in P3Dv5.3 because it "cannot find the installation path of P3Dv3 in the registry".

  • Are there more contemporary addons available that I should use instead of these old ones (some of which date back to 2011)? OR
  • Should I uninstall Prepar3Dv5 Academic Client and install Prepar3Dv3, install the sceneries I want, then reverse the roll back to v5.3?
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