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I just got into flying turboprops. When I start the engines I have the parking brake on. But when I start to taxi, it seems to keep going fast if I don't brake it. I always taxi with the trottles all the way back and it still seems to keep going faster. Is there some secret to it?

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I fly the Beechcraft KingAir 350 and the Cessna Caravan quite a bit, both turboprops, and I have had the same problem-- it is worse in the KingAir. I read somewhere that you should change the prop angle of attack until they are just about ready to go into reverse thrust (hold down F2, or open the throttle quadrant and drag the lever). To tell the truth, it never worked all that well for me.

What I usually do is to bump the throttle to get rolling, the bring it back down so that I coast at a reasonable speed, and use the brakes as needed.


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I always reduce te propellor control... Just pull the blue lever out for about 75%.... And apply about 10% power...

i'm no sure if i should do that in real life, but it works for me in the game.

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Mypilot, this happens with the KingAir, that turboprop in FS is very sensitive, actually, if you hit F3 twice, you'll taxi at around 40knots! Just use the brakes a lot, or try and grab a different turbo from

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