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been playing around with cfs2 and i keep crashing back to desktop in the middle of a mission, does anyone know what i can do to fix this problem?

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Without knowing the specs on your computer, my guess would be:
Get the latest drivers for your video card.
Load DirectX 9.0c.
You machine can be overheating, open it and clean the dust off the fans, especially the heat sink fan, it can get caked with dust between the fins.
Let us know how you do, good luck!


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yeah i had that problem, but now all is fine, i played around with my display settings, i think i set the image to 32 (million bit) instead of 16 (thousand bit) after that i made sure my graphics card was selected (sometimes it shows up a microsoft one) and then i set my screen to a higher resolution 1280 X 1024

hope this helps


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