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Hi, from Spain, and sorry for mistakes.

I enjoy very much the FS, but Ive noticed that my machine no longer can hold my expectations. I like very much seeing a lot of traffic and crowded airports, and thats the story, however I dont care about flying realistic machines or in very terrific scenarios. Ive a relatively old machine and Im aware Ill have to get some improvements but, having into account my preferences, what is the most important device I should attend first?

My Pc spec.: AMD 0.8 Ghz, ATi Radeon 9600 128Mb, 756 Mhz RAM.

Let me make another question. Is it relevant hard disc memory available or total concerning the performance of FS?

Thank you in advance

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A little low on the CPU
As for hard disk space it should not affect performance,but the speed of the drive will,the faster your h/d spins,the faster your CPU can access data

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I agree with Tom

Which motherboard do you have?
It is quite possible that it will support a much faster processor.

Something like an Athlon XP 2500 which runs at about 1.8 gigahertz would really do wonders for that puppy. They sell for about $ 130.00 Canadian where I am.

Does not matter how big your hard drive is. Like Tom said, the faster ones (7200 rpm) are what you want.

One more thing, make sure that the drive (or partition) where you have the flight simulator installed does not get more than about 70 % full.

Once it gets less than about 25 % free space, you may start to have problems defragging the drive..(not enough room for the defrag program to move files around)

The simulator works better (IMHO) on a properly defragged drive.

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Thank you very much.

Your answers have helped me a lot. I was wondering precisely what youve explained to me about hard disc memory avaliable. Ill make sure that my partition comply with such requirement. If not, Im gonna delete all the unnecesary programs I dont run very often, and Im going to try to get a faster processor.

Best of this forum, the people .

best regards

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"Your answers have helped me a lot. I was wondering precisely what youve explained to me about hard disc memory avaliable."

Remember that the hard drive does not have memory, it is just storage space where you put all your programs and data.

What I meant was available space on the drive.

If you double click your 'MY COMPUTER' icon on the desktop, the right click your mouse on the Drive or partition where Flight Simulator 2004 is installed, then choose 'Properties' it will show you how much space is used and still free.

If it is more that 75% full, you might want to think about moving some of it or uninstalling some old programs you don't use anymore.

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