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Is anyone interested in getting involved in a relatively small piece of work, that will take relatively little time, but will get them potentially massive exposure?
I need someone to paint aircraft livery to promote software that is currently standing at 20,000,000 downloads, 10 million of those since december the 9th last year.

Any takers?

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

I have left a PM for you.

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May we ask what software the repaint is for? Also, how will re-painters benifit from exposure... website links?

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Hi flyaway
It would appear that the idea is to repaint MS a/c with advertisements for Firefox/Mozilla but is based on the false premise that there would be millions of a/c flying about with said repainted a/c. There was a certain misunderstanding of the FSim world and how it worked and there was a misconception that any a/c (copyrighted or not) could be repainted. You can imagine what MS reaction would be if you happened to use MS default a/c to advertise a rival product!!!!
I sent an email listing all the snags but have not yet had the courtesy of a reply - and here was me thinking that I might become the most famous painter of all time (including Van Gogh!!) 😂
No - I'm afraid it is yet another of these hairbrained schemes which will never get off the ground - or is there an ulteriior motive - like, it will only cost you $100 to join our repainting group!!

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