can anyone explain this graphics problem?

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I am having trouble running FS9 on one of my computers. On one comp i have a 1.8 ghz 256 mb ram, 64 mb nvidia graphics card, and amd athlon2500+ processor and FS9 runs perfect on it. On my other comp, i have a 1.6 ghz, 352mb ram, 32 mb graphics card and a pentium 4 processor and FS9 runs all choppy and is just terrible on it. Can anyone tell me whats wrong with my other comp? The display settings are all on low too.

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lower processor and 32MB Vid Card

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You need a better video card Man. A P4 @ 1.6 gigs is more than adequate to run the sim with your 384 megs of memory (512 would be better) and a better video card at the display settings you describe.

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