Problem with FS2004 installation

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Here's the configuration of my comp:

Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000PRO2 MOB with i865PE Chipset
GeForce FX5200 Graphics Card with 128MB RAM

With this config, I tried to install FS2004 but it failed in the middle of CD (42% of installation) with a message that there is a shortage of memory or disk space and tells me to do it all over again. I tried twice with the same problem. I still have 75GB of HDD left. Is anyone having the same kind of problem and please advise me if there's a way out of this trouble. Thanks in advance!

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😀 hello
This question keeps cropping up and i found this at microsoft

You have to read it all the way down untill you find any ref to fs9

Before you head of to microsoft make sure nothing else is running(use Control,Alt Delete and close every thing execpt explorer and systray)

Ive also read about using your slowest cd drive to load the prog (ie cd burner and a dvd player)

One other could be that your memory is set to aggressive in the bios, try setting it to auto

a few things for you to try

good luck and let us know how you get on


I'm also having a problem while installing MSFS 2004, it gets to 67% installed, and then can not find the file zncrash1 on disc 3. has anyone lese had this problem? and ifso, what should i do

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Had same problem installing FS2004 as you, then a mate suggested I try cleaning my CD Rom. I did this using a normal audio cleaning disc, then tried installing again, no problem went in bueatiful and still going strong.

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