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Maurice Smith (Mauries) Trainee

Whenever I start FS2004 it always come up in the last flight I attempted even though I ended that fligt before logging off. How do I get it to open at the start page? ❓

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leadfoot First Officer

You must be choosing the previous flight when you are starting up. I do that all the time because I like picking up where I left off. On startup you should get a window showing options; Create a flight, Choose aircraft, Choose airport, Etc. Pay close attention the next time you start your sim. It should always give you this window at startup.

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jelami First Officer

I think it opens on the tab you left off, if you end on "Create a flight" that is where it will open, "select a flight" then you will go there........... The information shown in "create a flight" will be your default flight. If you have not selected a default it goes to the last one you flew. I am pretty sure that's correct, but I am suffering from a limited number of active braincells 🍻 for some unknown reason Dont Know

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