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on the edge of.....death!!!!

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as some of you know a few days ago, i was booked on lufthansa from a flight from dfw to dmm, with connection in fra. Midway over the atlantic, the captain flew into VERY severe turbulence. the plane was shaking like nothing else, and i really thought i was gonna die!! it was an a340. the reason i was scared was 'cause i had been watching like 4 hours of air emergency on ngc, and i started to get scary thoughts. he kept playing around with the engine, but the sound was scary. you dont often here takeoff thrust 5 hours into a 9 hour long haul, do you. anyways, the connection was great. we took a 747, and it was a very smooth flight, (stopped in dubai for some reason). i just wanted to tell you guys that im back, (some ppl sigh). i might not post as much now, cause my computer stinks. we're thinking of getting a new one, but thats gonna have to wait. HAPPY FLYING.

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Nice to see you back 😀 safe and sound. Turbulence can be quite scary, last year on a flight to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, the turbulence on approach was scary. We actually dropped out the sky every now and again Puke Up

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Two things probably happened on that flight The first change in engine sounds were the pilots pulling the power back-- to slow to turbulent air penetration speed. The other sound was the pilots powering up to climb to a higher alt. in order to clear the turb.

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I had a similar experience when we were flyin into tokyo on a 747,we were going through the tailend of a typhoon,all i heard and felt was like throttling up,throttling back,everyone was silent for like ten minutes,i closed my eyes and wished for another bourbon and coke.

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Crosscheck-think of this, you are walking, running or riding your bike on a flat surface maintaining a certain speed. You then have to go up a hill, in order to maintain the same speed your body has to work harder.
The aircraft would undoubtably have been flown on the AP maintaining cruise speed. As leadfoot said they then would select speed for turb hence the change in engine noise......if higher FL was possible and there had been no reports of turb above then a high power thrust setting is required to climb.
On the other hand all the engines try to do is maintain a speed so in turbulent conditions the throttles can be back and forth all the time.

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Last year i was on a short flight from birmingham int (uk) to Majjorca (palma) the flight is 2 hours an 30mins long, it was a early morning flight 8:30, and we hade to leave my house at 2 in the morning to get there( but that didnt bother me as i was gonna be in the sun 4 2weeks), check in e.t.c anyways, we just took of and he done a heavy bank to the write, he then climbed and leveld out 1 hour 30mins into the flight out come this masive sound come out the engine he had to shut down the 2nd engine, empty fuel out over the sea leave just enough to land and after burners, but we manged to get down saftley, (cut along stoy short we manged to get on another plane and get there safletly and bk, but we askedf him what happend and he wouldnt tell us :s what the hell was it

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Just an engine failure Fear As you were flying for 1 1/2 hrs means you were too high for a bird strike

Good job you had two engins then 😉

Oh i doubt you had afterburners,just reverse thrust

The jet engine is one of the most reliable engines made,it has to suffer extreems in temperature,from say in the UK ave 20C to - 30C at altitude and then to land in the sun with a temp of 30C
But as you found out,they can give up,and is a pretty rare event

The most stressful time for a jet engine is take off(start and idle then full power)

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If you can remember the date/ carrier it would be good to know and take alook in the AAIB files. These things happen, those in the row 0 A & B obviously did a good job!

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