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My new 9600pro 256mb g/card

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Zach (ranald) Captain

Well after a long time of wating its arrived and its great Cool Smile Very Happy lovely smooth scenery great fps sometimes up to 50.I have net had a chance to put up overcast clouds or eny fps killing weather.At first I thuogt something horrible had gone rong but with just a little messing around with the settings it was fixed.I thuoght installing a g/card would be very hard but I was rong it only took me about 30 mins but I am sure it would have took much lass time if I was a computer expert.Well I'm of to try a long flight and experement(sorry fore the bad spelling Embarassed) a bit more.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Sounds good, it's always nice to improve your computer to get the sim running smoother.

Thumbs Up! Enjoy!


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