Here is my wishlist for FS2006

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Just my top 5 changes I would like to see...

1. How about upgrading ATC (since I'm a controller) and actually have ATC provide some traffic seperation. ATC in FS2004 is a joke considering that's the main point of ATC. Getting sick of having real traffic at the major airports and there are 10 airplanes lined up within a quarter mile of one another. What a joke!

2. This is a major wish but how about some active ground crews at the major airports. Maybe a tug to push you back, or some ground crewmen walking the aircraft back. Damn, even something as simple as a jetway that actually docks to the aircraft. Or how about some guys to guide you into the gate. Anything to spice up the major airports would be awesome.

3. The weather is pretty awesome in FS2004 but its kind of annoying to fly through clouds and then watch them just kind of dissappear in front of you as you start to fly through them. How about making it with a little more density so you can actually watch the vapor pass by the aircraft rather then running into a wall and magically its clear in two seconds. Put some thickness in those cumulus!

4. More planes! More planes! and More PLANES!

5. How about a better environment in the cockpit as well as the cabin. Perhaps a safety briefing during taxi, or hey maybe even one of those sexy ATC voices (sarcasm) to do the flight crew briefing to the passengers.

6. Dynamic scenery! Let's get some street lights, cars, busses, trains, smoke from factories, appartment buildings, let's even go as far as to get some birds or animal life. I don't care, but I'm sick of seeing the rip-off of McDonald's and the same generic houses all over the place. Your microsoft for God's sake, if you can create windows how about some scenery?

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Just thought i'd point out somethin real fast. The cloud thing that you requested. Is VERY graphic intensive, any sort of misty thing like that is like shadows, and use PC resources a lot, i mean, if MS can come up with a easy way that is frame easy, then i'm all for it.

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with todays 3d animation technology and AI, its not difficult to make bunch of human interacting into your flight experience, cars, buses, trains, and even birds, ground crew, even passengers, easy to make them all! But they suck up tremendous amount of computer power, videocard power, CPU, etc., you need a Pentagon super computer to play all the things you mentioned, and probably a 50000 dollar videocard to real time render this wide wild world 😂

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