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I like to do VOR flight plans when i fly. so everytime that you fly towards the VOR you have to enter the frequeny in to the NAV1. but everytime that you reach a new VOR do you still have to enter the new VOR frequency. and will the course change automatically. But when airplanes do VOR flight in real life they just have to enter all of the VOR's into the computer and it automatically gudes them. so why isnt that on FS2004

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Each time you go to a new Vor, you still have to enter the new frequency of the New VOR. The course doesn't change automatically, because it is you who choose from which direction to get to the Vor. If you want to head on a heading of 91° to the Vor, you put a course of 91°. Then follow the"directions" of your nav system. The real world jets have a computer where they can input the information for their flight plan. You can do that in flight simulator but not manually. At the beginning of a flight, go in flight planner and follow the directions that they give you. At the end, when you press OK a flight plan will have been made for you to use, and every information input into your GPS. It is not always the route you want, but it gets you where you want. In real life, the flight plan to automatically gguide you has to be input into the Gps. Also if you want to take the shortest route to a vor, turn the obs until the course lines, that deflect when you are off courrse, are all alligned. Then, follow that heading to the VOR. Flight Simulator has very good lessons on VOR's. I suggest you read and take them.
Have a good flight.

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