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does any1 know where i can find the proper authentic procedure boeing uses for its 747. all the ones you find at avsim, or the default on the sim, leave alot of the flying up to you, like the descend speed, etc....i've looked all over, but i cant find the proper checklist, for b747-200, and others. thanks

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I was under the impression that they don't have a strict guide as such, i.e. a strict decent rate for every approach, but I am probably wrong. I looked around, but I only found bits of the flight, i.e. before take off etc. Do you want all of the phases of flight?

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well, if possible, that would be great. the reason i think that each airline assigns specific procedures and checlists, is because i remember, that when i used to watch air emergency and such on ngc, they used to say...."swissair's procedures indicated to the pilots.....". i may be wrong. thanks anyways. i dont think the airlines would allow them to be loose around the internet, mainly because of safety purposes. thanks for your help anyways. take care and HAPPY FLYING.

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Try this.


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