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Radarman or anyone tell me if this has ever happen to you while flying microsoft simulator> Start off with I benn flying these sence they came out with the first one. Thats been awhile. I am on final comming into Harstfield atalnta. I am just getting established on the glide slope and over the top of me comes an MD-80 going to the same runway Iam lined up for. I follow this all the way down I follow it all the way down just to see if controler tell one of us to way off or not nothing said. It has to be some type of clitch. But I will say it got my attention. Just wondered if this has ever happen to anyone eles.

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Yeh something similar happened to me. I was landing a 737-400 in Birmingham, on approach, when there was a piddley cessna infont 🙄 . I carried on flying waiting for a go around, but it didn't arrive. I couldn't be arsed to go around, so I flew just over it 5nm from the runway and landed quickly, the Cessna got a go around as I was taxiing off the runway !! I would hope this doesn't happen in real life aviation Fear

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Yes, it happens all the time in FS09. ATC doesn't account for the speeds of different aircraft, so you are liable to get run over if you're flying a slower plane and there are jets around. And sometimes ATC forgets you're there, or they give you clearance to land before you are really ready to turn to final, and someone else may be on final by the time you really get ready.

Lately, my way to avoid all that is the following (flying VFR): when I am about 30 miles from the airport, I request a landing just to find out what runway and pattern are in use. Then I immediately cancel the request. But I go ahead and fly the pattern, and monitor the radio until I'm on the downwind or base leg, ready to turn to final, and there is no other traffic bearing down on me, then I again request to land, and come on in.

Kind of a silly work-around, but it's a simulator and it's not perfect.


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