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Anyone up for a multiplayer (Cessna C208, or any other prop plane) world tour?

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Very Happy I'M KING OF THE WORLD!! Shocked ...(sorry, just had a 'moment' there...) Shocked ... Wink Actually, yeah mate. It would be good if we could get a small number to tight peeps that would stick with it and be available/flexible enough, sure. I'd be for it.

Idea A suggestion: You might want to brainstorm as to what (call them) 'perameters' you want this expedition to follow. ie: A Goal (would be nice)..., like "A World Hopscotch with (?4), (?semi-experienced) other individuals. Aircraft of (?Single engine, Float, max 500hp, min range 1000 nm) only. Plan is to circumnavigate (?by GPS) the globe in a (?casual, online, but realistic environment) within 1 month of departure from same airfield. Anticipate (?2 flights of ?4 hours per week). Destinations decided by (?), Flight schedule (? negotiable). Put the thoughts down on paper, decide what you want and post it. Wink

Arrow Reason I suggest this is validated by past, personal experience. UNLESS YOU HAVE A GOAL and some guidelines as to what is expected/anticipated, YOU'LL NEVER GET IT DONE. Crying or Very sad I did a similar thing two years ago, but it lacked that 'essential' planning, and the trip 'fizzeled-out' 'cause we kept putting things off for one individual or another. The result: Laughing ...My Kingair is still in Ibiza, lol. (We left from Victoria, BC -CANADA)

Nonetheless, you probably get my point. Without some structure, or a might start out with compadre's...but end up having to complete the tour solo.

Understandably, everybody has a 'Real-Life' to live and varied time scheduals. Some forthought will go a long way to helping you and who ever else is interested in the achievement of this honorable venture.

Get back if you got ur specifics figured. It's always neat to share in a fellow aviators thoughts, since often there off the beated path of one's 'normal' habits.



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