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can anyone tell me what the keyboard commands in flight sim 2004 are to:

1) turn on the nav lights?
2) turn on the bcn lights?
3) turn on the taxi lights?
4) increase the speedbrakes in increments?

I know shift+l or something turns all the lights on but i would like to know how to turn them on individually!

thanks in advance for your help!!


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ok thanks...

i just tried up shift + L and it extends the speedflaps to 100%?? Is there any way of extending them bit by to 10% then 25%...etc...

and can anyone help with the keyboard commands for:

1) the nav lights?
2) taxi lights?
3) bcn lights?


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

You can't extend the spoilers in increments. They only have one purpose, to slow the plane etc, so it is all or nothing 😀 . They can be armed, but then only deployed. Not sure about the lights if they are not in the above link on the previous post.

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You can only arm or deploy the spoilers via the keyboard and they should retract automaticaly after you have finished with reverse thrust

You can deploy them in stages in flight to slow you down via the spoiler control arm by the throtle levers

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Opening stuff?

Command Shift+E = main door, right?

Command Shift+E+1 = next foor? if i do that i get cockpit 2D window 1 and so on 1 throught 9 no doors open?

What am i doing wrong? 😳

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Make sure the aircraft has more than one opening door
Most will only have the one door that opens
I know that on the iFDG Airbus (most models) you can open doors front and back on both sides (Shift + E then 1 + 2) and to open the cargo doors you have to asign a key(or joystick button) for "tail hook"

You have to be fairly quick with the keystrokes

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Thanks... I'm 56 - being quick at any thing is out of the question.


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This might help!

It's just a reference chart that helps you create an overview...

Good luck

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