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If I was to fly from, say.... LAX without a flight plan and headed in the direction of Texas for example, with no directions from ATC...
and came upon an airport on the nav screen say about 60 miles away....

is there a way I can open ATC to direct me to that airport as they usually do when you create a flight plan? (You know... they tell you which direction to turn, what altitude to fly at and so on) ????

thanks alot

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crosscheck9 Guest

you can create or open and existing IFR flight plan to anywhere. You just have to select it from the atc window.

Don Wood Guest

I don't think so.

You could use the cockpit view icons to open an IFR flight plan at that point and then get vectors. Alternatively, you could wait until you got closer, open the ATC dialog box, select the nearest airport list, select your desired airport, tune the tower, and request landing clearance. Once you have done that, one of the options in the dialog box is to ask for airport directions. That won't get you vectors but it will get you direction and distance (i.e., "airport is at your two o'clock position at 17 miles).

Guest Ed Guest

Sorry, Don, but I'm going with crosscheck9 on this one-- you can open a new IFR plan inflight, no matter where you are. Just make sure that when you do it, you don't check the "Move aircraft to. . ." option, or it will put you back at your point of origin.

Personally, I wouldn't open a new IFR plan that close, but you can if you want to.


Don Wood Guest

I also agree. This was a situation where cross check posted his/her response while I was composing mine. The "I don't think so" was a response to the initial question and not to crosscheck's response which I had not seen. I think crosscheck and I said the same thing. There is no apparent way to get vectors when you are not on an IFR flight plan but you can open an IFR flight plan when you get near the destination.

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