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hey just a quick question....if you are qualified to fly b777, does that mean you can fly b767, b757, b737, and such aircraft automatically, + how long does it take to be qualified to fly heavies.

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UK-Aircraft over 5700kg require the pilot to be "type rated". Therefore you need a type rating for the 737, one for the 757 only differences training for the 767 if rated on the 757 as they are very similar re systems, flight deck etc. Again for the 747 and 777 you would need to do a type rating no matter your experience level. Airbus A319, 320 321 and I believe the 330 can be done on one TR with differences for the 330. Time taken to fly heavies....more a matter of experience. I think most airlines are now asking for about 4000 hours jet time for FO jobs on heavies.

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