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Transload Airlines has expanded again


Hello Simmers,
Transload Airlines is one Virtual Airline with many divisions.Transload currently hosts home to 8 divisions with a new one coming soon.
Transload has a division for every pilot out there. We currently have a civil division where we fly standard commercial planes and routes.
The Cargo Division has a fleet capable of carrying anything anywhere and we currently have many new planes loaded to that fleet.
The Military division is a dynamic new division that has many new jobs available. And a huge new fleet.
The Oceania Division is for the pilots that live in the Oceania region of the world. Transload has several Australian pilots currently that like to fly their home airports.
The European Division is for all our UK based pilots.
Connection Division is for flying the shorter routes to regional airports.
We also have a historic division there pilotís ca challenge their skills flying some the planes that made flight what is today.
Last but not least we have the Business Division of Transload, This division the pilots will be flying long range style business style jets. I hope every body takes time to stop by and has a look at we have to offer for your online flight experience

Ken Paulick CEO Transload Airlines

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