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Ok, I need some help. I've viewed the other topics explaining how to do this, but I'm a little slow. Here is what I am doing to try and install my newly-download planes.

1. After downloading the planes, I save the file in my documents.

2. I copy the zipped file from my documents, and paste it in the "Aircraft" folder within FS2004.

3. After pasting the folder in Aircraft, I then right-click folder and select "Extract All". After doing this the new folder opens diplaying the actual aircraft name. EX.- ADSL1011.

4. After that, it should work right? I'm not very computer-literate, so I need it in lay-mans terms. Thanks in advance for your prompt help!!!

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I would be glad to walk through it with you step by step. First did you try this?
If it still doesn't work come back here.

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RadarMan will probably be along soon. He is the resident expert on this subject.🙂

It's a little hard to answer your question. Not all downloads install the same way. I usually unzip the file where I downloaded it and look for a readme file before I install it into the game. There usually is a readme file. The zipped file is still (in your case) my documents and you can then unzip it into the game if that is what it calls for.

Some downloads require you put gauges into the gauges folder. Some have effects that have to be put into the effects folder, and so on.

I probably made things even less clear, but that is the way things are.

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Mypilot gave him the install link, that should be of help.


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Right now I am helping Willie76 step by step right now and wouldn't mind working wtih him if the link I gave him doesn't work.

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Thanks for the help, I've already went through that link though. Had a buddy come over (better with cmputers) and he showed me how to do it. I'm doing by what he showed me, I don't understadn the info on the link page though. I need some serious help (I'm slightly retarded)...


Any more help???

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