Hey im sure you have to have to be trained in a certain airplane for a certain amount of hours in order to be rated to fly that airplane, so my question is how many hours do you need in a certain airplane to be able to fly it?

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I am in flight training and you have to be 17 to get your pilot's liscense with a minimum of 35 hours. Although, many pilot go over that minumum. You have to be 16 to fly solo though. My dad said that you have to checked out in different aiplanes before you can fly them solo. I don't know if that law is still in effect because the last tme he flew was about 15 years ago.

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In the US, for aircraft under 12,500 pounds rated gross weight, there are minimum levels of PIC qualification or licensing based on aircraft class but not on aircraft type. Once licensed, as long as you have a biennial flight review by an instructor, you are legal (if not smart) to fly any aircraft in the class for which your are current. For example, if I am current on a Cessna 172, I could legally fly a non-complex Piper or other make and type. If I am current on complex aircraft (adjustable prop and/or retractable landing gear) I can legally fly any complex aircraft in the same class (C-206 currency would allow legal flights on Beech, Piper, and other complex types). The same is true for multi-engine aircraft under the weight limit.

For aircraft over 12,500 pounds, a specifc type rating is required to be PIC for each aircraft type (i.e., being current on a DC-3 would not legally permit me to fly a DC-4). There are a few aircraft types where currency on one is also considered currency on another. An example would be a Boeing 757/767 type rating.

Even if you are legal, however, many aircraft owners, employers, and insurance companies require minimum levels of qualification in each type flown.


Ok, i kind of understand now.

One more question though what does PIC mean. sorry one term im not very fimilar with even though i probably know once you tell me.

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