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Orbis Virtual Flying Eye Hospital Kicks Off Operations!

Orbis Virtual Guest

11 February 2005

New York City, NY USA

This evening Orbis Virtual is proud to open it doors to the Flight Simming community. The past few weeks have been busy for Orbis Virtual, as Director K.S. Weber has had high hopes for the organization, being the first in its kind in the Virtual Flying world. The Orbis Virtual Flying Eye Hospital is aimed at recreating the operation of the very specialized DC-10-10 (formerly flown under ATA and several other airlines) aircraft of its real world counterpart. In addition, Orbis Virtual will be incorporating the retro DC-8-21 aircraft formerly flown by the organization for pilots (and previously a United Airlines aircraft). While Orbis Virtual should not be confused with any ordinary virtual airline organization, Orbis Virtual is dedicated to providing pilots a unique experience that only accepts the best of the best pilots into its flight programs (taking the unique DC-10-10 Flying Eye Hospital to locations at the farthest ends of the Earth and challenging pilots).
Orbis Virtual does not utilize a regular aircraft schedule but rather offers flight programs for medical or publicity purposes. When a flight program is planned, pilots apply for a Captain, First Officer, or Flight Engineer position. After the Orbis Virtual staff selects pilots to fit these slots, they will receive scheduling details regarding the legs they will be designated to fly during a given flight program (a pilot will typically have about 3 days to fly their assigned leg). When all legs are flown, the flight program is considered complete and all participating pilots are given the honor of being placed in the Orbis Virtual Hall of Pilots, entitling them to re-apply for any flight program they choose, in addition to being allowed to fly the Orbis Virtual DC-10 or DC-8 at their leisure to any destination.

Orbis Virtual is kicking off its grand opening celebration by introducing its first flight program, aimed at public-relations objectives, taking pilots from our maintenance hub at New York JFK to Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and Dallas/Ft. Worth. This flight program will begin on February 19th and last through March 5. Applications are being accepted now for 2 Captains, 2 First Officers, and 1 Flight Engineer. Upon acceptance, pilots will receive more information regarding their assigned legs and scheduling. While aircraft Captains are ultimately responsible for the overall operation of the DC-10, each pilot is equally responsible for planning the route and fuel of their assignment. Pilots who are accepted between now in Sunday will be able to participate in OAK ARTCC's "Battle for the Bay" event on VATSIM, with the privilege of flying either Orbis Virtual aircraft freely within Oakland airspace.

Orbis Virtual is also searching for potential Virtual Airline or Organization sponsors for tasks such as web maintenance, public relations, advertisement, and message board space donations.

Director Weber issues the challenge to all Virtual Airlines and pilots...will YOU have what it takes to be a pilot in a unique Orbis Virtual flight program? Will YOU receive the honor of being added to the Hall of Pilots for the Winter/Spring season?

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