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😞 Ive just downloaded a brilliant concorde off project mach 2 but i have always been unsure of how to fly the concorde.
When i take off i always pull up at about 160 but it always just carries on and doesnt seem to want to go up. Also when i land it i always start to pitch dramatically and then stalls. i have tried several attempts and im stuck and need some advice 😂
Im getting jealous looking at screen shots of other ppl that are doing amazing takeoffs and landings!!! i want to fly it as well! Crying or Very sad
Anyone?? help me please!!!!!!

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what you need to do is use a lot more throttle Hymen replacement surgery ower on landing just before you get to the actual touch down point give it about 20-25% throttle this should prevent the stall and instablities remember its not got a proper tail

this napplies to vulcan bombers as well as they are also delta wing aircraft

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Ahh...i understand, thankyou!!! 😎

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