FS9/FS2004 wont install

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I am trying to install flight simulaton on my friends PC and it wont accept the 4th disk, it installd on my pc fine with no problems. 😕

anyone had the same problem?
how can i fix this?


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Ok guys, you HAVE to help this guy, he's CEO of the VA i fly/staff for!!!

Does your friend's PC give off some type of an error message when you try and install it?

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Need more info, Read
Is the disk damaged?
Hard drive full?
Is there an error message?
Does the computer meet mimimum requirements?


Hope you're not telling the world (especially M$ security) you're installing the software on a second machine from one set of disks.

Try taking out extra ramsticks if you have more than one installed. In some setups the FS install program can have a problem finding data loaded into the second RAM. Once the install is complete the additional RAM can be added back in.

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