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I have done, following examples my first water tower/ building using the FSDS2 software. Got the building placed at the default airport and also managed not to like it and thought it needed to be on the beach side of runway. The move seemed pretty straight forward.

When one lays out a town, airport, buildings, runways, etc. it would look like you have a common origin and as long as that is kept everything should be in relation to each other. How is that 'origin' related to a map or something to put it in the correct town? Or have I gotten ahead of my self and it will be covered in the tutorials later?

Chuck aka [AA8VS] 🙄

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You may be confused but you sound smarter than me! 🙂 ..There are a few scenery people here and I am sure someone will post to this thread soon and help you out. -Good luck with the scenery! -orlandogeorge.

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