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Hello guy's, ive been having planes as hobbie for 16years now and love it to peices.
I got flight sim 04 not long bk, and its so relistic, i just have a couple of questions to ask if any-one could help answer them be very gratfull:

in a boeing 737:

[//] What speed should you land at?
[//] What speed should you take off at?
[//] When i drop my flaps down to land my speed geos to 132 mph :S.
[//] when i drop my flaps when starting to decind my plane never starts to decend so i have to nose dive it, why is this?
[//] what speed should you taxi at?
[//] when i try putting it on auto pilot it never stays level what speed should i fly at, why do i need to check e.t.c before take off.

if you could answer these it will help alot thank you.

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The Learning Center will answer all but the taxi speed question, which is generally no faster than 25KIAS

Now, I can easily tell you shouldn't be trying to fly the 737 yet, so i'd suggest VERY strongly that you click on the tab called "Flying Lessons" and go through them. Pay CAREFUL attention to all of the lessons on Navigation, ILS, and GPS information is vital as well.

ALL the info you want is right there in the Learning Center, but go through the lessons first.

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Thank's mate off to try it now 😀

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