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Whant to see in FS 2006

The Captain Guest

I would like to watch passenger cabin when fliying. default passenger views over the aircraft windows.

Fasten Seat belts controls on cockpit, and some instructions recorded in pilot voice to give passengers.

Airport active ground scenery and animated people.

More traffic on airports and airways

Photorealistic cities over the world with moving ground scenery like cars, cabs, etc.

Ocasional turbulence during flight, and the facility to monitor the wheater where we are on flight.

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Matt (mattdean) First Officer

Jesus christ, how many times have I seen this topic appear in the many flight simulator forums across the world wide web??

Ok, why do you want a wing veiw by default? u can't fly by it and i dnt get the facination of seeing a wing....u wanna wing view? download it.

as for the seatbelt switches etc, ok kinda fun for a novelty but come on....i have loads of payware add ons that have seatbelt switches, they are not exciting, take my word for it and as for the pilot voices, that would really be quite tacky and ms would, lets face it, do it in that stupid anoying mono tone accent they use for atc. Evil or Very Mad

I think that better scenery is a good idea, im with you on that one, but photorealistic? world wide?? come on it would take years for that to happen and you would need some kinda super computer to run it without getting a frame rate hit.

If you are so worried about scenery, you would have noticed that you CAN see cars moving on teh roads below......

Im so fed up with seeing this topic and this is the last reply I am gonna leave for it. yes, we would all love to see everything in fs2006 be perfect, but lets face it, its not gonna happen this is microsoft we're talking about.

In fact, if it is perfect I'll go and suck off a panda.

Matt 🙄

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Matt (mattdean) First Officer

by the way, you DO get in flight turbulance.

Weather moniter would be nice, as would more traffic - i agree with you there too 🙂

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