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I have FS2004 installed on both my desktop and notebook computers. I would like some help optimizing my notebook for sim flying.

1. I loaded FS2004 in compact mode. I have some extra room on my HDD. Is it possible to upgrade the compact installation to a full installation without uninstalling?

2. Since I don't have a Joystick for use with my notebook. Is there a guage that I can add to a panel to give me control surface position indicators? The early versions of FS had this feature.

3. Has anyone seen a small but useful, USB type joystick? One that would not be to difficult to cary around.

4. Does anyone have any tips or tricks that are really useful for sim flying with a notebook?

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You should be able to load the sim over itself since the original isn't a full installation.

Try this, mouse as a yoke. It was available in earlier editions but not 2004, I've never used it. Dont Know

Notebook graphic cards aren't that good for graphic intensive software like the sim so don't expect the same quality that you get on your desktop.


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