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waited 5 months to get 2004, should have waited 5 years

edthepug Guest

As a long time enthusiast of MS FS, I waited a long time to buy 2004 as I noticed that there did not seem to be alot of good add on aircraft available ( like those for 2002 from Mario Coelho) NOT a plug, don't even know the guy but love his aircraft. Anyhow, I decided to give it a try today as an early Christmas gift to myself. Amazingly it ran rather well with full install on my P3 1.2G 512 RAM with little stuttering. I really LOVE the new clouds and the Garmin GPS (once I figured it out). Other than that, MS FS 2004 just STINKS!! The planes just SUCK (as usual) and the scenery is nothing special compared to 2002. It seems some things are missing with this new edition actually, like bridges that are there on 2002. ( I STILL miss the car headlights moving on the highways from MS FS 2000!!) Microsoft should be ASHAMED of this 100 years of flight hunk of junk!! Oh well, Im sure that the add ons will get better in time. For now, I'll stick with 2002 and if I did not have the HD space, I would uninstall this dissappointing "gift" from Microsoft!! If anyone knows of any decent add on planes, please post. The best that I could find is the MelJet 777 and that uses that AWFUL default panel and sound. Let me know if you think I'm wrong. CHeers: edthepug

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Powerful comments. You could be right about the lack of 'improvement' from previous versions for the timespan - but the improvements that have been made such as clouds, ATC, GPS... etc are just great.

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Oddly enough, there are bridges in the sim, but maybe your PC is not set high enough to run them as well. I will admit, as this is my first flightsim, i was surprised at the lack of "new" aircraft, i mean, sure its the century of flight, but how can you forget the Concorde, that thing set new standards for luxury, as well as being the firts commercial aircraft to my knowlege that broke the sound barrier. Sure, it was in 2002, but we want it now too. And really, who the heck wants to fly the wright flyer, how can that be deemed "fun"? Well, i guess i wont complain, but by gosh i want a trijet!!! those kick rear!

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FS2004 The Mackinac Bridge, Michigan v1.0.

Feed in "The Gibraltarbridge" in file library, it's a 9 mile long bridge, fantastic! Do the same with , I love flying under it.

I don't know how many downloads has, but Avsim has 45,000, if you can't find anything that you like your a hard man to please.
Anything special, ask and I'll see if I can find it for you.
I hope you have a good video card, you need it for this special edition of the Flight Sim. 👍

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Sounds like sour grapes to me. Yes, FS2004 needs some improvements. However, it is my opinion this sim is one of the best to date. I do agree that some of the really old planes have no real appeal as far as flying in real time (it was fun to try to fly the Wright plane although I didn't do very well).

This web site has many great downloads.

Happy flying all.


spuddi Guest

before you write it off check out the realism settings you can add alot more dynamic scenery from the default (low) which will make it look alot better. might need a faster pc/graphics card to handle them all, but it looks good then.

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