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a interesting flight video

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Hello to all.

I have a good flight video and iīd like upload it, but i donīt know any server to do it.

Anybody know a free server to upload my video? (wmv 77,7 mb)

Maybe know another way to upload a video?

thanks to all 🙂

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❗ Maybe include a little more info regarding what the 'Flight Video' is about. I may know of a couple of places to suggest to you...if I knew what it was you wanted to have served. Others may have more input then as well. 🙂

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Here is a free upload site ➡

It can take a while to upload your file to the site,but once it on there it will stay for 1 week

If you send it to yourself you will get sent a email with the link to the file

Ive used it here ➡

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