Choose a Flight Locks up FS2004

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I just reinstalled FS2004 and now if I click on the "Choose a Flight" window, FS locks up. All of the text in the four windows of the Choose a Flight page is missing.

- Installed "Compact" (not enough HDD space at that time) Configuration from original CDs. Updated to FS9. Installed No-CD patch. Everything good. I could Fly w/o the cd with the minor headache of missing some scenery.

- Started on long business trip. Loaded all four cd's onto an external drive... Just in case.

- Cleaned a bunch of crap off of my HDD and decided to reinstall Complete version of FS2004. After much screwing around (having to burn the CD's again) Finished the reinstall.

First problem: FS installed from my 4th CD just fine, but FS does not recognize my 4th CD when I try to use it to run. Maybe the CD's vloume name is wrong. Mine is named "FS_Disc4".

To get FS working I installed the 9.1 patch then installed the No CD Patch.

FS now works but Locks up at "Choose a Flight" all other screens work great. System flies just fine.

Uninstalled 9.1 Patch and switched to Pre-9.1 No CD Patch. The program rebuilt some scenery indexes on startup but still Locked up at the "Choose a Flight" screen.

The "Flights" Sub-directory contains 32 folders and no files. The 32 sub-directories look ok and are populated with .txt .htm .flt and .wx files.

That's my story... any help would be appriciated.

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Check in your My Documents folder and make sure that FS9 has put a folder in there called Flight Simulator Files,sometimes this seems not to get installed
If its not there,make a folder and name it "Flight Simulator Files"

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Chris Baye (cbaye) Trainee

I do have the Flight Simulator Files Folder.

I found another (possibly related problem). I cannot save flights!

I tried to take the standard C172 flight from "Create a Flight" modified the starting air field and clicked the save flight button. Same problem. FS locked up and I had to kill the task.

Could I be missing a dll or something?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Your most likely missing more than one "part".
You should load it from the 4 original disks, use the no-cd crack if you like.
The sim can be had for a few $ now or in some cases free.


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The missing part theory makes sense.

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When I'm not 7300 air miles away from home I'll be sure to reload the software from the original Microsoft, disks purchased at CompUSA for 29.95 on or about November 20, 2004. Yes, some of us actually pay for software and buy memberships on web sites.
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Hello all, I'm having a problem with flight sim. It seems whenever a game is started, my whole system will lock up. Sometimes it takes a minute, sometimes an hour...but eventually it will happen on every game. I've taken my computer to CompUSA and they claim that there is nothing wrong with it. I don't use the computer for internet, just flight sim. I'm running a customized PC with a Micro Star motherboard, 3Ghz processor, 1.5 Gigs of Ram, and the ATI Radeon 9600XT graphics card. Any ideas would be appreciated b/c it's getting to where I can't play the game anymore and all of the equipment that I have to play the game is becoming useless, i.e. GoFlight additions, Cirrus pedals, and AFCS3 yoke. Thanks for any imputs.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Overheating. FS9 is very graphic intensive, much more than most.

The reason that Intel and AMD are going to duel core chips is that the present chips are getting so hot that they can't be cooled down.

Experiment, take the side of your case and point a fan at it (this shouldn't be something you do all the time). If you don't have a crash then you need to install a few fans (very inexpensive). Also check and see that you have a power supply that's at least 450w or more.

A case fan in the rear to get rid of the hot air is necessary, if you can ad one case fan in the front to pull in cool air that would be the best thing you can do.

Make sure that the fans that you do have are clear of dust especially the CPU fan, they pick up dust that cakes between the vanes.

Let us know how you do.



Thanks Radar Man, I believe overheating is something that I never thought of. I do have 3 fans installed, but there is some dust and I only have a 250 watt power supply. I will try a few of these things as soon as I get back from Iraq. Thank You.

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