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😂 Boy it seems like everyone is staking the deck up high on the I WISH LIST.

For me I would like to see a Cessna 337 SkyMaster Twin , a Beechcraft Super H-18 and a Cessna Twin 401. AS for the BIG jets we have way too many I think. Next I would like to see better scenery which would be Photo type . I think Microsoft would be better off if they made a FS2006 Flight Sim that offered the sim without the scenery , SAY WHAT!!! Listen up,if they did that offering Photo Scenery on a scenery disk which would be part of the FS2006 package then you could load into you FS2006 only the scenery that you would like to fly in. Think about it for a minute,you might get better Frame rates and you might get to choose and install only the scenery you want to fly in and that alone might give you better Frame Rates. Myself I like to fly in the U.S. all of the time , if they offered a Real U.S. Scenery add-on Package then I would only install that scenery only. Lets say I wanted another scenery package added in as well then I would be able to do that too . Another WISH is and has to do with on-line flying,why can't they have already in place everything that is needed to hook up to VATSIM, why should we have to go through the pain of installing all of the software needed to fly on-line with VATSIM which is the number 1 choice with on-line flightsimmers who use Microsoft. Products.
If I think of anything else I will post , if you ask me I think alot of folks will have to keep on wishing .

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Judge john deed Guest

Fair comment. I agree on what your saying about the fs 2006 scenery.

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