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Hey, ive been playing CFS2 for a while and ive been doing ok but my plane keeps having this problem that in about the second wave of planes (in quick combat) i start to lose speed and tons of altitude that I can never recover. And since i can never re increase my speed my plane becomes slow and sluggish and eventually im shot down cuase i cant get back up or becuase i cant turn or keep up with everyone else. Im guessing its my flying but im not sure this happens with all the planes (by the way i like the wildcat) and the computer is always fine doing loops and everything but my plane keeps losing its speed etc. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what im doing wrong so i can improve my game.

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Been getting back into CFS2 myself after a long spell. Hopefully I read and understood your problem correctly - if I am not mistaken - I believe I had the same thing happen to me. I would experience my loss of power and speed energy when flying missions that I created within the games own mission builder.

I first experienced this when trying an RAF Martlet at around 10,000 ft. and higher (no problems below 7,000). I found out, quite by accident, that you have to 'turn on' the throttle lever section in the cockpit - then start playing with the fuel-mixture lever, usually set to the middle range. Well then the engine roared to life after that!! You may have already solved this issue by now, given how long its taken anyone to post a reply to you at this point. I hoped this helped you.


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