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Was doing some cleaning of hard drive and I think I may have lost a dll file. When I run FS2004 I get all the way to fly now and then the screen goes blank and back to the desk top, no FS to be found. I ran a check with Norton's Utilities and get to messages as follows if it help. 1 Microsoft shared.DLL Error "Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Shared DLL's," refers to a missing file, "C:\Windows\System32\SNdefs.dat."
2 Invalid uninstall Entry "Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current\Version\uninstall\TCE, refers to "Uninstallstring" that refers to "C:\program files\microsoft games\flight dimulator 9, " a file that does not exist.
I have re-installed FS2004 5 times and works maybe once then the same problem. Sorry about the length here but not sure how else to explain. My system is as follows:

HP Pentium 4 CPU 2.60 GHZ 512 MB Ram 120 GIG hard drive

I appreciate any help as I have looked all over and havent found any real solutions. I am not a real computer wiz so will need some coaching here. Thanks in advance ...Tom

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Hi tom

What Windows are you running (xp,me)

Also seeing that your running Norton,have you tried to recover the file using the utillities

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You're probably running XP on that machine. If so, try doing a system restore to several days ago before you ran Norton. Be careful with that utility (Clean sweep). That was a shared DLL that was wiped, probably part of Windows.

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