Round the World Trip, suggestions on airports please???

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Hi folks, im planning a round the world trip flying an RAF Tristar this week and im looking for some intresting destinations. ie Airports/Air Bases.

I will be departing from RAF Brize Norton and visiting the following countries:-

LEG 1:-UK-Gibralta
LEG 2:-Gibralta-Italy
LEG 3:Italy-Greece
LEG 4:Greece-Egypt
LEG 5:Egypt-Kenya
LEG 6:Kenya-South Africa
LEG 7:South Africa-Dubai
LEG 8😀ubai-India
LEG 9:India-China
LEG10:China-Hong Kong
LEG11:Homg Kong-Singapore
LEG13:Australia-New Zealand
LEG14:New Zealand-Brazil
LEG16:Mexico-North America
LEG17:North America-Canada
LEG23:Iceland-RAF Brize Norton

So if anyone can suggest any great airports in FS2004 for this trip I would appreciate it in my planning.
I wont be flying in IFR due to time constraints but i do plan to do the whole journey in real time with real wheather also.
I will be taking off on leg one on Thursday 24th February at 20:00hrs.

Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated.

many thanks


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I just started an Around the World Tour myself a couple of days ago, but without so much north and south travel as you're planning. I plan to follow the equator as closely as possible, or at least stay between the Tropics (23.5 degrees north and south).

Just couple of questions and comments about your itinerary-- what's the range of that Tristar? That's a mightly long jump from New Zealand to Brazil-- you'd better check the distance before you take off!! I don't know if it's possible to fly across the South Pacific non-stop. I did a flight from the southern tip of Chile (Punta Arenas) to Melbourne, Australia, in the Lear Jet (~2000 nm range) and I had to cheat and do "in-air refueling" twice enroute-- the most direct route took me over Antarctica, and there are NO airports in that part of Antarctica! I think the only easy way to cross the Pacific with limited fuel is near the equator, landing on Midway and Hawaii, or the Great Circle route around to the north.



Im going to cheat the New Zealand to Brazil part and use Lagos inflight refueling, ill call up a VC10 from Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands to juice up my Tristar and crack on with the journey....isnt simulation great 😀

cheers for the tips, thats why i posted this, to get some good feedback

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