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Hey guys..

Even if I do save so myself 🙂

Pleased with myself having landed my first 3 point touchdown in my MkXIV Spitfire

Right click save as (2MB)

Not totally perfect as my approach needed to have a better curve but I can only do 30 second clips with me free version of FRAPS


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tomthetank Chief Captain

You can,with a little editing and the use of fs9 replay,make longer movies with the free version of Fraps

All you need is some video editing software(XP allready has some)and a little imagination 😉

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Yeh I have done a demonstration of the Spit for a friend and tagged a bunch of recordings together..

the other option is replay with a higher time compression and then slow it down when it comes to edit time... 2 X compression makes 30 = 60 seconds 🙂

It was just a v quick "huzzah! look at that landing" victory type movie hehe

Thx for the advice though

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Martin (Blake14) First Officer

I just want to make a quick comment: It looks like you're way too low on your approach. You almost touched down 200ft from the runway.
I know it doesn't have anything to do with the whole technical thing etc...

Very nice video though 😀

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It looks like you're way too low on your approach. You almost touched down 200ft from the runway.

Not sure it was quite 200 ft but possibly a little low yes, Spitfire pilots often only had short runways to land on and often came in very low over the fence for touch down, I guess I read too much and end up trying to fly like that... I was too straight on my approach too it should have been more curved so I could see the runway for longer (helps for height adjustment as well 🙂 )

Managing the speed to get the 3 point touch down is quite tough to do and maintain your height correctly without a nasty bounce... The speed you should be coming in for that is about 95 mph IAS for flare and touch down

Spitfires bounce quite nastily if you plonk em down too hard as well, in fact...they bounce almost always (watch them landing at airshows 🙂 ). Ideally my approach would have been ok had I aimed to touch down slightly further down the strip.

My flying ability isn't fantastic but it is improving and comments like this do help me make adjustments to my flying too so thnx for the feedback 🙂

I did a nicer 3 point touch down at night earlier on but didn't video it i landed beyond the runway labels this time..

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sonicninja First Officer

im just glad nobody has seen me landing my spitfire, if i done it on a multiplayer session people would be calling me "Bouncing Betty", and as for my attempts to land on a carrier......ive seen smaller skidmarks in my sons nappy!!!!!!!!!!!! Embarassed

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heh, i have since gotten better at my landings...altho Performance / Beer Intake = Terrible landings...


the landing on the carrier doesn't seem well modelled in fs2004.

Pacific Fighters makes for some interesting old fashioned landings and when its stormy 🙂 boy does that deck pitch around the place.

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aviation_capting_mathew Trainee

Nice landing i do a perfect landing in thunder storms at vhhh today ill show u it.

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