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Sam Intel Guest

I just discovered AI traffic, it sounds really cool. I downloaded the PAI Installer from Then I downloaded a Delta Airlines package from Then I installed it with the PAI installer on automatic mode. When I went to SLC airport to see if they worked I only saw 3 delta airline airplanes. What am I missing here?

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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer

Sam Intel,

There are some strange things that can happen at Project AI. I have downloaded packs that have only a few A/C and some even have junk A/C like the defaults from FS9 mixed in w/the AI fleet you were expecting for some ungodly reason. Course we don't usually want them around in most cases. I hope that didn't happen to you. Try going to Altanta Hartsfield and it should tell the story. I am sure someone will post soon who knows a lot more than I about this issue. BTW, Make sure you have your traffic option turned up to 100%.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Were all the Delta aircraft the same type,ie 737.If so go back to PIA and d/load some additional aircraft and rerun the installer

Sam Intel Guest

I have the traffic density set to 100%. I have seen 2 different kinds of aircraft.

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DarkStar1 Trainee

Its about your airport parking (not enough) goto the Project AI website download all the pai-afcad bgl files you can, they go into your fs9 addon scenery/scenery folder don't forget to have your traffic slider full right. As for the fs2004 default AI traffic here's how to get rid of it. Goto your FS9/Scenery/World/scenery folder find the file traffic#######.bgl or #####traffic.bgl then change the ,bgl to .lgb bam default gone. Be careful don't mess with the pai#### traffic.bgl otherwise you'll have no traffic. You can always reinstall your pai traffic with the installer. Hope this helps ya.

Sam Intel Guest

Hey, thanks guys, I got the problem fixed. But some of the planes are parked nosing into the terminal. They are half inside the building and half outside of the building. How do I fix this? ❓ ❓

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tomthetank Chief Captain

You will need to adjust the parking spots with Afcad2
Open up the airport and just drag the parking spot back(you may have to do this a few times by checking in the sim to see if its ok)Or check if there is a d/load for the airport you are using

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