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What is it????

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RadarMan Chief Captain

As is the case I'm usually not critical of something I know nothing about.
This Sim is that case.
Not only hadn't I heard of it but this forum doesn't even post any information about it.
Is it a download, is it free, is it available in stores, what system does it need.
Do you have any screen shots or at least a one line description of the Sim.
A resounding NO on all counts, is that avsim's fault, I think not.
Is there a demo, anything.
I had to hunt the net for some information and this is what I found.
Hardly an incentive to buy it if I have to beg someone to tell me about it.


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jelami First Officer

the good news, it's only $8
Fly! II takes you places never before seen in an aviation sim. With your choice of five distinct aircraft, you'll experience realistic flight experiences for the PC and Mac. Everything from avionics to aircraft controls to radio and GPS systems have been modeled after the exact specifications of the aircraft and systems manufacturers. With the feature-enhanced Fly! II , you'll get Roger Wilco support, allowing players to engage in single or multiple conversations. The Sky! Environment Exciter produces hyper-realistic sun and clouds, detailed weather models, accurate night lighting, and enhanced graphics for runways, taxiways, and airport buildings. You'll also get the 172 Skyhawk Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) panel, allowing you fly in all weather conditions using instruments rather than sight as the primary means of navigation. Spotlight Reviews (what's this) Write an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. 8 of 11 people found the following review h

And the better news is, it says that it is permanantly discontinued

Thanks Mike

Pro Member Site Admin
Flyaway Site Admin

jelami wrote:

And the better news is, it says that it is permanantly discontinued

Fly! has been discontinued due to the passing of Richard Harvey, the founder of Fly!

Fly Away Simulation, Flight Sim #1

Pro Member Captain
JVD Captain

Shame Sad

Pro Member First Officer
jeffb57 First Officer

i didn't like the games, but at least i am not critizizing a dead man Mad

Pro Member Captain
Thunderbirdman2 Captain

Actully i might give it a try if its bad ill sell it im mean its worth a try for 8 bucks

Pro Member Trainee
biggly Trainee

Where can one actually buy it?


Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain
Pro Member Trainee
The_Finman Trainee

FLY! blew the doors off the current versions of MS's Flight Simulator at the time (1999 I think).

FLY!2 wasn't really all that much more advanced than the original FLY!, but I did try it out against FS 2002, and still found considerably better (IMHO).

At one time it really was a great sim, and it had the potential to really take over the lead from MS, but it just seem to fall off slowly.

I didn't know about the death of it's founder. That now makes allot more sense, and answers my question about why it just seem to sink into depth of sim irrelevancy.

I still have a copy of it somewhere if anyone wants me to dig it up and try it on Windows XP

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KevinTsai First Officer

I remembered that I used to play Fly! in my father's house few years ago. But now his system was so old that the game usually crashes and freezes so that system doesn't work anymore. Plus, I think the graphic were too much too handle for it. It was working well when I first got it though. Ahh yes, the Fly! memories! Sad

Love the Airbus A380. It's huge!

Pro Member Chief Captain
bawls327 Chief Captain

For 8$ I am willing to try out that game. Sometimes thats the good thing to do is just wait a couple months years and the prices will lower. I am sure some of you guys do that with some items.

Pro Member First Officer
Concorde105 First Officer

If it works for mac, maybe I can get it...

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