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Fuel Surplus

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What percentage of excess fuel do the airlines typically maintain over and above the amount of fuel needed for an average long haul flight?

Example: I recently did a KBOS > EGLL and the flight plan estimated fuel consumption at 22,902 gallons. What would an airliner normally carry over that amount?

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

first, are you SURE you don't mean pounds...22,000 gallons seems like a lot...oh well, anyway...

Be sure to carry:

additional 1,500LB (NOT gallons) of fuel for taxiing around

enough fuel to fly for an extra 45 minutes.

when over water, carry more, just in case of an engine failure/cabin depressurization, which requires descent to 14,000FT

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

FEM hit the nail on the head. Plan out the number of pounds you need, plan for enough fuel for 45 minues extra flight time, enough to get to an alternate destination, enough to run the APU for 20 minutes, and most importantly, ENOUGH TO COMPENSATE FOR WIND! Flying west across the US, you could be facing up to 100 mph headwinds most of the way! If you just put the bare-minimum fuel in, you could possibly come up short if you face something like this. The way to plan for that is multiply the headwind you're facing by the number of miles you're flying. That should be the number of pounds extra you'll need.

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leadfoot First Officer

FAA regs call for a 45 minute reserve for IFR flight. I believe there is also something about having enough fuel to get to an alternate arpt and then some. I forget the exact figures.

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michlin First Officer

It could be pounds. It is the number shown in the fuel column of the flight plan.

Thanks, leadfoot, that's about what I was looking for.

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michlin First Officer

I was right the first time, the number was in gallons, not pounds. I flew the route in a 777.

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Since the fuel in FS09 is free, and pure realism is not my goal, I live by the old adage: "The only time your aircraft has too much fuel is when it's on fire." 😂


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