Cant find refuel stations!!!!!

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Just flown onto Schipol (EHAM) Airport Amsterdam and cant locate any fuel stations, need a little more of the go juice to get us on to JFK can anyone help where to locate the fuel station and any tips on finding them in general. Thanks in advance. Capt PJ, still on the ground looking after 1.5 hrs....................... 😂 😂

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Not all airports in FS09 have them. Generally you are more likely to find it in the general aviation parking area.

I have crtl-F assigned to "Add Fuel Quantity" so I don't have to bother finding those things-- the business of pulling up to the pump so fuel gets added automatically only worked about half the time for me, anyhow. Ctrl-F is faster than opening the Fuel and Payload window, too.


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thx for advice ed.

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Just go to "Aircraft" and scroll down to "Fuel and Payload" and adjust your fuel quanity from there.

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