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I know that you have to maintain less than 250 knots when below 10,000MSL. Is that airspeed or ground speed?

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Must be airspeed. If you didn't have GPS or DME, how would you know your ground speed?

Perhaps one of the real-life pilots will weigh in. . .


Don Wood Guest

The limitation is indicated air speed. If ATC needs you to be slower for traffic conflicts or traffic flow, they will issue a lower speed.

There is often the case where ATC asks for higher than normal airspeeds on approach. C-172's normally fly approaches to final at 80 knots slowing to 70 over the fence. I am often asked by ATC to maintain 100 knots to short final to allow smoother traffic flow, especially at busy air transport airports.

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

Yeah. That would make sense.

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