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vatsim multi?

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When i play fs04 online which is all the time i go by msn zone, but some-one said not long bk about vatsim you get to do it all like real with real pilots, whats the site and is there any better places to play fs04 online apart from msn zone?

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Bacailly what ing to say is, is there any-where else apart from msn zone where you can play fs04 online as msn zone is full of new people half of the time and its time for me to move on an find some-where else where theres no new peeps.

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VATSIM is a great place to fly on line, and is usually used by most Virtual Airlines for a more realistic experience. They keep a staff of trained ATC controllers (either from real-life or through their training) who volunteer their time to provide real and responsive ATC. So this means that when you're flying a route that is currently stationed by one of the ATC controllers, you have to send them your flight plan, request clearance, get taxi/takeoff information, follow assigned SID/STAR procedures, follow their speed-restrictions, height restrictions, etc. etc. Since there's no pre-assigned ATC text where you just hit a number to respond (as in off-line flying), It certainly is much more hectic (as it should be in real life!). But this is well worth the effort.

It does take some time (about a week) to get through all of the reading and setup to get on line with VATSIM, but once you're up there it's a wonderful experience.

If you ever need a buddy to fly with especially as you're starting to learn on VATSIM just let me know.

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Hi m8.. thank's yes i need a buddy to fly with 😀

If you can help me also be realy gratull, my msn is

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