Another Radeon question for Radarman (or anyone else)

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Radar, thanks for your help with my gfx issues in a previous post.

Do you have another cooler on your 9800pro, as from searching other forums, the cooling issue seems to come up quite often

Also, how do i test the speed of my gfx card(s)? I keep hearing about people benchmarking the speeds of their cards.

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I didn't change fans on my card (too lazy) I bought a PCI fan and put it in an empty slot near the card.
If you do that be careful that it doesn't touch the card or the fan won't run, burn out time.
You can get the fans on the net or any good computer store, I bought mine in Fry's. I think it was $10 or $12. Cheap and a good one.



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I got one of the Hercules 3d Prophet 9800 pros and was lucky as they stopped making cards shortly after..

Mine has a copper heatsink on every chip on the gfx card Surprised

I have a friend with a Sapphire 9800 pro and he has terrible overheating problems with his..

lots of fans and clean out your air intake holes as they get dusty as hell

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I took RadarMans advice and invested in a 9800Pro recently. Before that I had a 9200SE. The differances were fantastic and I was very pleased, althougth I probably paid a little too much (£145) I think it was well worth the money.

I bought the Sapphire model and have had no trouble with overheating. I just keep it clean inside. It does state that a 300W or greater PSU is recommended and this maybe Insight's friend's problem.

In all I stuck with Radar 's advice and I'm chuffted to bits

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