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I need some insight!



Everyone respond to this.

ANYONE, as much insight as possible.

i was currently talking to a friend who is almost done his multi engine instrument rating. He tells me that after hes done college or me (will be 21 when i have my multi engine instrument rating) and he tells me that i probably wont get into an airline for 20 years, meaning ill be 40.

Is this true???

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

It depends on how fast you want to get to the airline jobs.

where are you located

if you're in america, check out


Well actually i live in Canada, and i will be attending

a college that will give me private pilot license, commercial licesnses, multi engine endorsement, and multi engine instrument rating.

So i dont exactly know, im confused ..

Don Wood Guest

In the US, most pilots will be hired at a considerably younger age than 40, especially with the major airlines. The key will be buiding total time and PIC time as quickly as you can after you receive the necessary ratings. Many who want to work for airlines build their time as instructors or by flying for smaller freight airlines. I can't speak to hiring practices in Canada or countries other than the US.


Ok, yea i should have been more clear, he told me that i probably wont get into a major airline such as Air Canada for about 20 years. And Don Wood what age is considerably younger, when people in the US get employed at a major airline?

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