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Hi guys! i am a newbee to the flight simulation generation, sorry! but one question i do want to know is this:
on the atc, when you tell them you would like to land, they then give u details of the airport, heading and runway. However i get confused when they tell me what runway to land at, because i simply don't know its location! is there a simple way to display what runway i should be aiming for?
I apologise if this sounds really dumb, but hey, thats what neewbiees are for!
Thanks to anyone who can help!!!!

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The easy way is to hit Alt and select map from the the world heading
That will show you where you are and if you zoom in on the airport you can pick off runway headings and ILS frequencies

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Usually before your flight commerces, you should had already plan your route etc....of cuz the runway to land will be vector by ATC, but you could activate your approach on your GPS once ATC annouce the runway for you to land. Then You should be able to know which is the runway for you to land on. 🙂 Hope this info help you!

stefanhenchoz Guest

Cheers guys plenty of help!
i feel like such a dumbass being a neewbee! oh well we all hav to start sumwhere!
thanks 4 ur help!

benney25 Guest

well umm another way is to umm look at gps and atc window example\ lets say that your trying to land at visalia mun and visalia's # is 1dv6k on atc window look for it on the gps window thats how i land at the right airport! no problem in helping anybody else 🙂

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Your probably doing what I had been doing.
There are two types of flightplan you can create. A VFR (Visual) and IFR (Instrument). If you use an IFR plan then ATC will pretty much drop you in front of your runway but this involves GPS and autopilots etc etc.

But, If you use a VFR plan (like I did) then you will be given a runway to land on and it's up to you to find your own way there, hence Visual. If ATC give you runway 21 for example then it means the runway is actually on heading 210 degrees. So your aircraft would have to be pointed at 210 degrees heading to be in the vacinity and correct direction of flight. If they say 21R then this means there are two runways parallel both on 210 degrees so you chose the one on the right. They may also ask you to enter from the opposite direction on the same runway. They would announce this as Runway 3 which is 30 degrees. And if you look at a compass you would see that 30 degrees is the exact opposite of 210 degrees.

I hope this helps as I too am a newbie and slowly finding my way round this awesome Flight Sim.

Don Wood Guest

BashDaBish's reply is almost correct but a bit misleading. Runway headings are expressed in numbers evenly divisible by 10 and they represent the magnetic heading of that runway to the nearest 5 degrees.

Thus, in his example, RW21 defines a runway whose magnetic heading can be anything from 206 degrees to 215 degrees. Actual runway headings are published on the various airport diagrams and approach charts. That variation is not a big issue when landing in visual conditions. It can cause some grief if landing in IFR conditions and the pilot follows the runway number heading instead of the actual heading. At the very least, it can make an ILS approach more difficult than it needs to be.

BashDaBish Guest

It ain't misleading just slightly inaccurate.

Besides, I did say in the 'vacinity' 😉

Well, thanks for that as I pondered why my headings where slightly wrong.

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I ripped this post from another forum so you could read it here. the credit should go to christoperpostill at because this info does not come from me. 😉

ILS BASICS: With the ILS, you find the ILS frequency (from the map view) for the runway you wish to land on. You then put that frequency into the NAV1 radio, and press the ID or enable button below (make sure its in the primary not secondary location). When approaching the airport you will hear beeps. When you are cleared on the approach, press the APP button on the panel to turn the Approach button on which will enable the ILS. You also want flight director on, and if in an airliner, a good speed is 150KTS... Flaps 25... altitude 2,000 as set in AP. Altitude hold will disable automatically and you will descend on the glideslope (press B to set your altimeter). Adjust flaps and spoilers as needed bearing in mind you are on the verge of stalling without large amounts of flap. When you touch down, immediatly disable the autopilot and deploy your spoilers and then turn on full reverse thrust and brake as needed (or before landing set your autobrake to "2") -- Thats an ILS landing for you. 🙂

BashDaBish Guest

I am finding this very useful as well........but where or what is this 'map view'?

BashDaBish Guest

Errr....forget that, blonde moment! Embarassed

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