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Radarman, i have finally bought a 9800 pro and am very pleased with the results. I have a few more questions though;

1. What difference does altering resolution have on the apopearance of the game and framerates?

2. What is antisotropic filtering and what effect will playing with it have?

3. What purpose would limiting framerates have? Surely the more frames the better?

4. I am now getting framerates in the region of 65+ in high altitude cruising, 20-30 approaching quietish airports, 5-12 taxiing at Heathrow (all with maxed scenery and UT maxed) Is this considered good? I was still hoping for a little more FPS whilst at the very busy airports but then again I do have EVERYTHING maxed out.

Sorry to keep pestering you with these questions but once I have everything sorted, i can start enjoying my flight sim again 😀

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1600x1200x32 will cost you FPS but will be a drop sharper and that will show up in screenshots.
I'm now at 1280x1024x32, it seems to be ideal.

I have and most ATI users do, keep it (AF) at 16, AA is usually at 4 and not checked in the sim.
Keep your mip-mapping (settings in sim) at 4, the most 5.

You don't really need anything over, say 30. The higher it goes the more power it draws from other processes. Below 25 you will get a "slide show" but that's the price paid for super scenery.
Be happy with that at busy airports with traffic and scenery maxed out. You can drop traffic a little but to me that's defeating my main purpose, eye candy when flight isn't necessary.
If you like, set it at 40 and leave it at that, only a super computer will get better, and I haven't heard of one yet with add-ons.

Your not "pestering" any of us, I'm here to learn also.


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