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I downloaded a cessna 337 today, and unzipped it into my MicroSoft FS 2004 folder, and when it finished, the aircraft folder was inside the folder, but outside the aircraft folder. I moved it into the aircraft folder, and the aircraft then showed up in the program when I started it, but the pilot and several of the instruments (not all, some of them were there) were missing. Can any of you tell me what file or folder that, like the aircraft folder is outside of the correct folder and what and where should I move it?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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If your down load came with any gauges they should goto the gauges folder in the main FS folder

The best way to install anything into fs is to create a fs d/load folder in your My Documents folder or desktop,now all your d/loads are in the same place for easy back up,and another folder called fs work or something to open the d/loads in and then work them into fs9 from there

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Yeah, it happens from time to time. I have been downloading and installing various A/C for a while now with only limited issues. Last night I found the Aloha Vickers Viscount that I was looking for for a while and followed the read-me's to the tee and it never showed up. Had to get the model from somewhere else (as directed) and put it all together. Thought all was well with it but the final outcome was that I had to get rid of it. Result of the complete installation was a 'non-responsive' sim.

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