fs 2002 down load problems

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only new at this but I downloaded the A-4G from this site and I cant get any of the instrument panels to work. also external views are very sluggish to operate. I have tried to down load a couple of aircraft I download them direct to FS2002 aircraft files but they dont come up in the menu. what am I doing wrong?

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1st let me say that I dont like unzipping direct to flightsim(allsorts can go wrong)

Have a read of this(its for fs9 but its the same for fs2002) ➡

As for the aircraft not showing up open up the main fs2002 folder and have a look in the aircraft folder for the newly added aircraft and open them up,chances are you will find another aircraft folder

What happens is some d/loads will come to you with one too many folders and zipping them straight into fs will not work

Lets say you d/loaded a 737 easyjet and you get a folder called 7373easyjet
You open it and you get another folder called 737EJ and open that and you get 4 folders....Model,Panel,Sound and Texture

So in this example you would put the folder 737EJ into the fs2002 aircraft folder

As for the instrument panels if the d/load comes with a folder called Gauges,they have to go into the fs gauges folder

Have a read and a look in your fs folder and come back to us 👍

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I know that some of the read-me's that come with the aircraft say to do that but it never works.
Unzip in a temporary window and drag and drop the folders where they belong.
Unzip it again and put the contents of the gauge folder into the main folder.
Check the new downloads aircraft folder to see if it has gauges in it, maybe they belong in there.
You can put a set in each folder, the new one and the main gauge. It can't hurt just help.

As for sluggish it's hard for me to tell what you mean, especially when we don't know your full system specs.

Not showing up in the menu, check under the manufactures name. I can't try that aircraft out, I only have 2004. Make sure you are using all 2002 aircraft not textures or 2004.

If you are having problems with most all of your aircraft panels being black the chances are that you have an NVIDIA card and have to change drivers.

Let us know how you do.


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