Is Virtual Air Canada free. What i mean is can i join and fly for free.

They say their 100% non-profit ogranization. Does that mean their free

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All Virtual Airlines based on real ones have to be free, if the don't, the real airline could come in and shaft the owners with a 800 foot pole. They'll be BEGGING to just go to prison....

I think ones based on fictional airlines have to be free too, because most downloaded free addons say you can't use them for profit, and i think microsoft says you cant do it either

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It's true what Fire Em said. Aloha Airlines came along and shut down Aloha VA ( a while back and so the owners of Aloha VA had to work out alot of details with the airline in order to restart. (Notice that the word Aloha does not appear anywhere in the web address any longer.) Airlines can be real touchy about their name and brand. Any money made off of Aloha or any other would be an infringement of their trademark, copywrites and just about everything else you can possibly think of. Free is the watchword. All you need to do is pass Air Canada VA's entrance exam ( I believe Air Canada has one) and you're in. Should have access to their fleet and whatever else is available. 😎

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