I was wondering how well FS runs on a brand new laptop. Im thinking of buying one and want to have some feed back. Dont want to buy a laptop if FS sucks on it

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If you get a laptop that's as "strong" as a desktop it should run well. The biggest problem we see with them is the integrated video card that most have.


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Years ago when I bought my dell laptop I customized it to make it just about as powerful as you could at the time (64 mb video card, 512 ram (now at 768, soon to be a gig), 1.9 ghz, etc). I can still run FS very well, from 15-35 fps (all depending on where i am) and I still feel very much in the simulator, but it's taken a lot to get me here! I've purchased a laptop-cooling pad to sit it on (it blows cool air on it, dropping the temperature down about 20 degrees), CH pro rudder pedals, force feedback joystick...logitec mouse, external speakers, etc. It certainly adds clutter to your life, and definitly makes you wonder why you bought a space-saving laptop in the first place!

You should have very little trouble with a new lap-top. New ones are built with excellent ventilation, resonably good video cards, excellent ram, a much better processor than my own, etc. All you have to do is invest in the go-withs, especially an external mouse!

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